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'Sounds' in Anathic by Daionii 'Sounds' in Anathic by Daionii
This is a translation of my found poem 'Sounds' [link] into my conlang, Anathic. I never really thought I'd upload my conlanging stuff onto dA, but we'll see how this goes down.

Here it is in text:

Sees yn ynste-na-ros myn, lpys
h-yn nd-na-ωynos o oenlŋa o
h-ən tyyr dreosa yn h-urr yfr.
Sỳpryŋa msyr mehys grnə ry h-urnosc, o
h-enωyriores fy m slna obraoa
urrr o urglm o pd:
h-En dyr myn dyr na tylnaos o flsmos,
sloste el na ȝeoos lsc,
lynos, n na rros
h-Er begna tyymniel obry fen na rcronos
o dl na urriel ronos.

Anathic is a conlang I've been working on for just over a year now. It takes influence from the North Germanic languages (mainly Icelandic, Old Norse, Faroese), Celtic languages, and Old English.

If you're too lazy to click the link, here's the English version:

I sat in my doorway, wrapped
in pines and solitude and
the noiseless sun falling on the distant highway.
Time grew seasons like corn in the night, and
I realised what the morning and evening and
the birds silently suppressed:
My days were days of idleness and flowers,
the calm theatre of the fresh grass,
the pond, the morning sun
life everlasting under blackberry vines
and strawberry leaves.
JohnRaptor Featured By Owner Dec 2, 2012
I like that you use thorn and eth. Thorn is my favorite letter.
Daionii Featured By Owner Dec 2, 2012  Hobbyist Writer
Thanks! Thorn and eth are great letters :)
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